My new blog is here:

It’s not completely sweets deco related, but I am moving all my tutorials there. I hope to see you soon:).

Hey everyone.

So I have to admit that i’ve been actually trying to ever so slowly not update this site and hope it kind of dies quietly but recently i’ve still been getting questions and comments. I just got one from an old time reader who asked if I was OK, so that’s when I decided that I need to address this!

Uni is… hectic to say the least. It’s 9 to 5 with a ton of placements and not a lot of time for anything else. I originally gave up the blog hoping that i’ll be itching to get back into crafting as long as I had taken a long enough break, but unfortunately that did not happen at all. If anything, my decision to take a break has made me realise that making sweets deco became work for me, and I simply don’t have time to do any more work😦.

So… i’m sorry to say, I will no longer be updating this blog nor adding anything to it for a very, very long time. I don’t want to say ‘never’ because I might come back, but unfortunately for now I simply don’t want to blog. The domain for ‘’ expires in May but you can still access this site at ‘’. I won’t be deleting this site because it means too much to me:).

So I guess please treat this as a very, very long indefinite hiatus. I’m so sorry if you have been waiting for updates and never got one, but I really do appreciate the support this site has gotten over the past year. I was constantly surprised by my page views and the comments I got for things. It really became bigger than I had imagined it would when I started it.

Fan-made Super Rollcake Man!

This Super Rollcake Man is a fanmade one that I got in my email ages ago… I know i’ve made it when someone across the world actually sewed a plush version of my site mascot!

Thank you so much everyone, and I hope to see you all again sometime:).

Can you tell that I LOVE the colour blue?

Long time no see everyone😄.

I know lots of you said that you really wouldn’t mind if I started blogging about random life stuff. The thing is I wouldn’t mind either; in fact I really want to. I recently got one of these new-fangled techy Android run smart phones from my boyfriend and I wanted to blog from it and use it to its full potential! But no matter how I looked at it, this blog just didn’t seem like the right place for it. is for serious stuff, like tutorials and important stuff about my crafting life (which is unfortunately non-existent right now). Plus the thought of taking photos, uploading them to computer, cropping them in Photoshop and then uploading them to web is enough to make me procrastinate until the cows have come home ten million times.

So I decided to try tweeting random stuff more, but apparently I have so much to say that 120 characters is simply not enough to convey my thoughts😄. Plus I love pictures, and I am not big of reading other people’s tweets, and that’s just not fair if I want people to read and respond to my tweets and I don’t do the same for them.

So I got a tumblr! I can blog from my phone so I can blog during extra boring lectures at uni the day without an infuriating character limit! Plus it is just the right platform for my random life snapshot-style posts because I think it’s a casual enough little blog, and much easier to upload pictures from.

T-rex is proud of his body and has no qualms with me taking photos of him during bath time.

On a random note, it’s been about a year since David bought me a Kokubo bath mitten (left) and puff (right) off Sasa. I am unable to live without the bath mitten now, so in an attempt to brighten your showers and bath times as well I strongly recommend buying a Kokubo bath mitten seal to cute-fy your showers with his soft, soft belly. Unfortunately he looks pretty darn upset about showering me. His face looks all like ‘whyyy?’

Anyway see you guys on tumblr! If you guys have one or if you guys know of any good ones relating to gyaru, lolita, cute stuff, nail art, tutorials, and Japanese beauty and fashion in general please leave a link, i’m having issues finding people to follow! Thanks everyone:).

Hey everyone.

My city Brisbane is currently under flood warning and the water is getting closer and closer. Technically the suburb I live in is extremely unlikely to flood because it’s very high up, but you just never know these days and we’re trying to get prepared for the worst. One of our outer towns called Toowoomba was actually hit the worst by what was described as an ‘inland tsunami’ even though it is actually a very high up town, and everyone thought it was extremely unlikely that it would flood. Therefore I don’t know when I will be back, since I anticipate there will be power outages, internet outages and what not.

If you haven’t seen the news please take a look, it’s quite a devastating flood to say the least and the rain is not really easing. I was evacuated from my University today since it is near the river and told that it will be closed for the next two. The river is overflowing, and when I saw it this morning our ferry docks were completely submerged.

Another thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is my blog. As it turns out, I was wrong about my timetable easing up. In fact it did the complete opposite and I am now at uni from 9 to 5 everyday. This isn’t actually the biggest issue though, the biggest issue is I am starting to find deco to be a chore! I never thought the day would come when my favourite hobby would turn into a big chore of mine but since free time is so scarce for me right now, i’m finding that i’d rather play video games or watch tv and basically do nothing because i’ve done so much in the day.  I know this is a phase, I often go back to yearning for craft, but right now I have no desire to do so. So i’m left with school work, gym and video games and i’ve literally got very little to blog, and that’s the reason why I don’t blog, it’s because I really don’t know what to blog about. I know lots of people blog about daily outfits, makeup, stuff like that, but i’m uncomfortable with doing that because I have a set identity for this blog, and that identity is that this is a deco and craft blog.

So, i’ve decided that i’ll try to take easy baby steps into blogging again. The first thing I am doing is shutting down my Facebook. Often I find myself thinking of blogging but then feeling guilty that i’m neglecting my Facebook, so i’ve decided that if I shut one down i’ll feel less guilty.

The second thing I am doing is a huge sale on my Etsy stuff, everything is 70% off with the code ‘70percent,. I’m doing this because I need to clear space in my room and also I hope that i’ll be able to make fresh and new stuff eventually, but i’m running out of space for it.

Thirdly, I make no guarantees that I will blog for a while… I don’t have a lot of free time anymore, and I am not willing to eat into my study and uni time to blog because my priorities lie with my studies. I will never give any less than 100% unless I am sick or unwell to my studies so that I never regret anything. On top of that philosophy I will never neglect my need to relax and and take time off, and unfortunately blogging is not taking time off nor relaxing for me, so unfortunately it is really going to take a backseat for now. I will not take down this blog though, I love it and i’ve put a ton of work into it, but for now I don’t know when I will be coming back.

Dear Natania: i’m terribly, terribly sorry about the lack of tutorial about chocolate frosting. If you use polymer clay, here is a really good tutorial on making a whole cake complete with icing. I have to admit I have not actually found a way to do good frosting effects with air dry, so when I need to make a frosted cake I always use polymer clay… i’m so sorry about this😦.

Group shot!

Hey everyone, long time no see! How has everyone been? I just wanted to say thank you for all the encouraging messages, i’m so sorry I didn’t get the time to reply to all of them before I started my course.  I replied to all my comments yesterday and I am largely back on the blogging track now! Unfortunately due to my tendency to turn into a big, lazy sloth after uni courses I haven’t been doing anything remotely crafty, instead what little motivation I have to do anything have all been spent on the gym so I can become an even better super tennis player. So, for a while this blog may be taken up more by posts of life, fashion and beauty than craft if no one minds. 

Riechan had requested ages ago that I do a post about all my tools, so finally here it is! These are all the tools that i’ve accumulated over my crafty journey, some very useful some not so useful. If you’re just starting out please don’t look at this list and go out and buy everything! You absolutely do not need all this stuff to start making clay sweets. I’ll put an asterisk next to tools that I think are essential.

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